Hello, we are Uzzye!

We are specialists in development of brands and businesses through
communication projects, technical and creative, in the digital world.

We exist to create experiences and evolve brands, people and business.

  • Online Marketing

    We integrate brand communication
    and business by positioning
    online channels.

  • Digital Business

    We assist in business positioning
    and in digital economy products
    and services creation.


  • AI Ethics and the Future of Humanity

    Intoxicated by technology, we have come to the point of asking what it is like - and being - human.

  • Luxion

  • AMPR Inc.

  • Ohtel

  • Lara & Jackpot Band

    Release of "Trouble", band's debut album

  • Solução

  • About audio and games

    A little about the evolution of audio in the video game industry

  • ANC

  • Sinalsul

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