Lara & Jackpot Band

Release of "Trouble", band's debut album

Por Bruno Lara

The debut album of Lara & Jackpot Band, "Trouble", was released on September 2, 2016. With simultaneous release in physical version and digital platforms (Spotify, Groove, etc.), the launch event was held in Paralela and, among other brands, we sponsor the event.

Suppose Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Rory Gallagher, by the help of a superior force or a sci-fi ruse, were sitting at the same table. Imagine that this meeting is sprinkled with whiskey and improvisations of guitar solos. And that on the guest list are other great blues figures.

In this scenario, Bruno Lara would certainly not be on the list. But as the lead trio dictated Lara's musical references, they also taught that the blues is not just in the wisdom of old eyes, in the history of callused fingers, nor in the voice loaded with the past. It is also in the subversion of youth, in the speed of restlessness, in the inconsequence of rock.

With his solo project, the musician mocks the security, invades the room, pulls a chair to himself, fills his own glass, but leaves the guitar stored in the case. He places himself as an apprentice alongside the great.

Too young to be a bluesman, and less so to remain where he is, Lara decides to put himself in the place of pretension and stubbornness to follow his masters.

Trouble (ALBUM)

Rescue a friend from prison is just one of the adventures in which the character who stars in the album Trouble finds himself in. Track 4, Summer Light, is one of the songs that exemplify an adventurer's "saga" to get rid of the situations in which he stands. The 12 tracks from Lara & Jackpot Band's debut album, all composed by Lara, tell the story of someone who is involved with problems, admits not knowing how to get out of these situations, but, in a way, even likes it.

TROUBLE, Mississipi Delta Blues Records, September 2016

• Production and mastering: Fernando Costa and Aguinaldo Paz
• Mixing: Fernando Costa
• Art Direction and Graphic Design: Vicente Lopes Pires @ Tédio
• Photography: Paulo Pretz
• Image Engineering: Mateus Loreto
• Bruno Lara (guitar and voice), Bruno Barcarol Guimarães (bass and keyboard) and Jayson Mross (drums). Special participation of Debora de Oliveira (harmonic) in music track 11 - "Suzy's Death". All songs are by Bruno Lara. Recorded, mixed and mastered in the studio Sala de Artes.

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