Hello, we are Uzzye!

We are specialists in development of brands and businesses through
communication projects, technical and creative, in the digital world.

We exist to create experiences and evolve brands, people and business.

  • Online Marketing

    We integrate brand communication
    and business by positioning
    online channels.

  • Digital Business

    We assist in business positioning
    and in digital economy products
    and services creation.

Our Services

  • DEV

    Planning and execution of digital platforms focused on specific development needs, like websites, hotsites, web stores, apps and games.

  • IMG

    Aerial images, motions and photos or videos 360º. Ideal for video-presentations, area demonstration and construction accompaniment.

  • BUZ

    Generation and moderation of brand online content, seeking the control of public/content interaction, with content strategy for websites, social networks, inbound marketing and lots of combos of storytelling and art.

  • ADS

    Planning of multi disclosure implemented through appropriate tools and partners. We are experts in Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Email Marketing and other cool stuff.

How we Work

  • Shared knowledge and business partners

  • Timelines and dynamic goals

  • Small teams of experts

  • Personalized service

Philosophy and Culture

We believe in organic, natural and impactful connections.

We build connections through strategy, content and digital tools, using transparent procedures and involving people who can impact positively.

Technology and art, innovation and creativity.

These characteristics make up our day-to-day, so they are our main sources of inspiration. We are "heavy users" of Internet, we try to understand our future as a society and the importance of consume diversity of content.

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